Cap Stories from Family & Friends


Bradley Fredrickson jr:

I met cap just last year. Cullen and my son Jackson (Freddy) we’re on the same football team. The first time I saw cap was at one of these games. Cap would cheer for Cullen rooting his brother on. Cullen is an exciting player to watch for all of us. He runs all over the field. Cap was on the sidelines literally running up and down the field cheering his little brother on. The excitement in his voice and the proud brother moment cap had when Cullen would run and score touchdowns was awesome to see. I know Cullen had to have heard his brothers voice on the sidelines. I remember thinking to myself.... that is one cool older brother man. Cap we’re all on the sidelines cheering for you kid!

Amy Olson

Cap's always been the leader of the pack of George/Olson cousins and our kids IDOLIZE him. For many summers he's determined our song of the year by turning us on to whatever's top on his Favorites playlist. We return from weekends at the lake with our kids begging us to buy that cool song that Cap was listening to. Is it that new Bieber song this year, Cap? iTunes should pay him royalties as an influencer! Love you! Amy, Ryan, Nils Edie & Aron

Katie George

Cap is my oldest grandson. When he was 8 years old we were riding in the car on our way into Hayward, Wi where we live. I was talking about fairies, and magic things when he stopped me and said "TeTe (my grandma name)! There is no such thing as fairies and magic people!!" I said, "Well in my world there is." Cap replies, "We are both in the same world"....He stopped and thought a minute. "Oh, you mean in your imagination!!" He got it. And I treasure his awareness of imagination. Without imagination we can not believe in a God for we have no absolute proof except what are mind can offer us. For that reason Cap continues to be a part of and partner in all the fun magic things we have happening at the cabin/lake.

Jessica Saver

I had Cap in 9th grade Government I got to see his smile with his bubbly personality everyday! I’m pretty sure I never saw Cap have a bad day! But I think when I truly understood how great his personality was happened when my son played flag football at RHS two summers ago. For the younger grades a high school player plays as the quarterback. On more than one day I saw Cap filling that role and I’m not exaggerating when I say I’m pretty sure out of everyone Cap was having the most fun on that field! His energy, excitement, positive sportsmanship and leadership were so strong! What an amazing example and role model to the younger players! So this parent says Thank you Cap! Mrs. Kaspar

Cullen Hegarty

I’ve known Cap over the years both as a teammate and friend of my son Joey, ands also as a member of a baseball team I coached. As a coach one of my favorite things was forming the team, because the coaches got to make selections. I would always try to build the team around high character guys, and nobody exemplifies that more than Cap! I was so thrilled to get him on that team, and there wasn’t a practice or game that happened that season that I didn’t enjoy having him on that team. He’s always smiling, always giving 110% effort, and always being the best teammate! What a joy to be around. Go get ‘em Cap—kick cancers butt!

abby velin

Whenever I think of Cap, I always remember him being so good to our youngest children during long and hot baseball games. Cap would be there to support Cooper, yet he’d always run and play with our Sawyer, Rhett and Kinsley...even volunteering to take Kinsley to a park if it was around! Our kids were always so happy to go to Ty’s baseball games because of YOU, Cap! Thank you for always making them feel so special! You are a gem and we’re so thankful you’re fighting as hard as you are...don’t let up!!! Keep fighting!!!

Chris George

Cap and the rest of the George’s came to visit us in Denver. We had recently moved and this was their first visit to the house We showed them around the house Cap remarked “ You guys must be rich, because you have a restaurant booth in your kitchen!” We had recently remodeled our kitchen and our breakfast nook had a built in booth. Something he hadn’t seen before in a house. We are definitely rich, not because of wealth, but because Cap is an amazing cousin to Mason and Isla and an amazing nephew to Stephanie’s and I. 

Gretta Holder

We have been blessed to know Cap, and all the Georges, for years. Cullen and my son Braxton, have been on the same baseball, flag football and basketball teams throughout the years. At a baseball game a few years ago, my family was baby sitting a little baby, who happened to be Tyus Jones’ nephew. Cap thought it was the coolest thing to meet him. He keep talking to him, playing with him and was just having fun with him. At one point he said, "I can't believe how close to greatness I am, maybe some will rub of on me". Cap George, YOU ARE GREATNESS. You touch the lives of everyone you meet. Your smile lights up every room you enter and your personality is one people strive to have. Since the day we met you, we knew you were special. Know we love you, are here for you and hope some your GREATNESS will rub off on us. Stay strong in this fight, you got this! xoxo

Jill Kopperud

Cap was in my first grade class back in 2009. He was friendly, outgoing, happy, funny, a perpetual ball of sound and motion, and always kind. Everyone wanted to be friends with Cap! More recently, I was able to reconnect with him at RHS as I’m no longer in the classroom, but working with teachers. I collect data, and the teachers have a chance to reflect on their teaching practices. So, one day I was in Cap’s English class and the teacher had asked me to collect data on distractions that occurred during class time. I was discreetly sitting in a back corner at the teacher’s desk when all of a sudden in the middle of teaching, Cap burst out “That’s my first grade teacher over there!” Thus, causing me to become the BIGGEST distraction in the room! 😂😂😂 It’s been a joy to see him just exactly as he was 10 years ago...friendly, happy, kind, and everyone’s friend. We are all here for you Cap, and all of your family. Sending love and strength, peace and patience. ❤️Jill Kopperud

Sonja Roback

Our son, Anders, was on Cap's baseball team before 5th grade. It was a great group of boys and Cap led the team both in his committed play and his ability to ignite team spirit in the dugout. At the end of that summer, our family moved to Thailand. Whenever our boys told stories about baseball games in MN, they usually started with a "Remember when Cap sang/said...?" After our first year away, we came back to Rosemount for the summer. One day when we headed to Erickson to watch some tournament games, Cap and his team were playing. Anders, a pretty shy and reserved kiddo, was a little nervous about going over to his old teammates. Our family walked toward the dugout and the group of boys saw Anders. Cap’s face immediately lit up and he yelled, “Hey Anders!! Guys, Anders is back!” Cap ran over and gave him a high five and the other boys followed. Seeing Anders’ relief and joy at being recognized and welcomed so enthusiastically made both Pete and me so grateful to Cap. We have continued to remember this story with our boys from time to time and how it teaches the importance of 1) generously showing enthusiasm and joy to others 2) the unexpected impact of kindness on those who may need it. Cap, how we wish you and your family did not have to go through this but we are praying that your boundless joy, strength and amazing spirit will continue to light your way and the way for so many of us who have been touched by your joyful heart. The Roback family

Michelle Anderson

As your neighbors, we have a few Cap stories. 😊 Cap has always been constant chatter and motion. The years have been spent listening to the laughs and fun of all the baseball and basketball games in your backyard. And the always amazing "night games"! My favorite part of night games was when the kids would all just take a break to sit and chat. We could always hear Cap asking everyone a million questions - always so interested in everything! One specific story stands out to us from last winter. Devin pulled out of our driveway and into your driveway to pick Cap up for school. It was one of those very icy mornings, so the driveway was like an ice rink. Cap started down the driveway and started to slide right past the car. He grabbed the door handle just in time and tried to get it open, while trying to stay on his feet. But the door was iced shut. Devin tried it from the inside and couldn't get it either. So Devin got out ran around to Cap's side and slid right into Cap. They were both laughing, holding on to the door handle and each other trying to get the door open. They finally did and then had to drag themselves into the car. We were watching the whole thing from the warmth of our house and laughing hard - still makes me laugh just thinking about it. They may have been tardy that day!

Amy Egger Wenthe

We love us some Cap George! Truly more than anyone else I know, Cap always greets us with a smile and hello. He always takes time to talk to our littlest guy - and we love him! The last time I saw Cap before he went into the hospital, I was at East Lake Community Park. Trevor had just had a baseball game, and we were walking to the parking lot. That was when I surprisingly noticed Cap and Cullen coming out of the trail nearby. They had been out for a jog together. I loved it! It seemed "so Cap"! They both had their ear buds in, walking side by side back from their jog, and they just looked happy to be there together. We said hello, and Cap of course asked Trevor about his game. I told him that he'd just missed Zach, who had driven there separately and was just pulling up out of the parking lot. So, again, "so Cap" - he sprinted up the hill to the road to catch Zach and wave hi. It's been good to see him a few times since then, and I hope he's had a good week! Love you all!

Carol Larson

I met Cap this spring when my grandson was on the same AAU basketball team. That smile is so incredible to see, I learned very quickly he is an amazing young man with an incredible personality! He immediately grabbed my heart when he came up to his mom and dad while talking to me. To my surprise, this teenager can talk to adults using more than one word answers at a time like “yah, sure, or no I’m good”! He played so hard on the court and never gave up! He’s always a bundle of energy on and off the court always smiling. Cap is on my mind many times a day since his surgery. That is a good thing for me as each time he comes to mind I can pray for this incredible kid and his family going through the hardest time any one can go through. I will continue to pray for complete healing for Cap and peace and strength for the George Family. He is the type of kid every parent and grand parent wants for their kid to have as their Best friend. His positive attitude is contagious! Thank you Dave for keeping us informed so we can follow this journey Cap and your family is on. Thank goodness there are the good days along with the hard ones. God Bless you all!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Ava Williams

I met Cap when I transferred from Eagan to Rosemount High School last fall. It was the first day of school, and I was incredibly nervous to be walking into a sea of kids knowing only a few. Cap was the first kid I met that day. With a beaming smile, he stuck out his hand and introduced himself. He then turned to his group of friends and introduced me to them, although we had only met a few seconds earlier. Instantly, I felt right at home. That small gesture will be something I will reflect on for the rest of my life. His kindness and positive energy brought me a lot of peace on a stressful day, and because of him I met a lot of my closest friends. I have yet to meet someone with as much compassion as Cap, and I am so blessed to have him in my life, as I’m sure many others close to him feel as well!

Abby Grey

I haven’t know Cap for very long. My husband has been his AAU basketball coach the last two years and I have gone to nearly every game. Cap is a fierce competitor as well as an amazing teammate. He is one of the most fun kids to watch on a basketball floor as he is always lifting up his teammates and getting everyone fired up. His energy is often times unmatchable. His mannerisms on the court make you adore him, and laugh. I know many teenage boys are not interested in having conversations with adults but Cap has always been so easy to talk to and will actively engage in conversation with anyone. He has a wonderful sense of humor and you can tell he also has one of the kindest hearts. The world needs more people like Cap. Keep being you kid. Your positive energy will carry you through! Prayers to the entire George family as you continue to navigate this journey.

Beth Sullivan

Our son, Sean, has been a buddy of Cap’s since the very beginning of their school careers. Sports, daycare, as well as knowing Cap’s summer nanny ;) have contributed to many, many hours of fun, laughs, and activities together! Your kids’ friends’ families become a part of your family. We love them all! A vivid memory I have was from a few summers ago. A crew of basketball families headed to Valleyfair. All of the Georges seem to love rides and adventures! Sean and Cap were in the seat ahead of me on The Wild Thing. Tonya and Cullen were behind me. I was sitting with Cooper, I think. I am sure I was surrounded by Georges! Well, on the very first steep incline, the coaster came to a screeching stop at the top of the hill. I was immediately sick, head down, and eyes shut, praying I am sure! Cap, in his optimistic and energetic voice was ranting and raving about the view! “Oh, my, gosh! Look at this view, Guys! I could stay up here all day! This is soooo cool!” I was busy trying to talk the employee, who walked up a huge flight of stairs, to let me out so I could walk down with her. My request was denied. We did make it to the exit, just fine. Cap never doubted that we would, I am sure! Cap and the George family have a very special place in the hearts of the Sullivan Crew. XOXO

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